Broken, But Not Dead

Greetings to anyone who has stumbled here by whatever means!

I initially created this site to test the capabilities of WordPress and blogging.  I have decided to move forward and use this as my author blog (so posts will be relaxed, informal, and have mostly to do with writing or news of my own writing).

For those who have do not know, I write my own self-published books (one published, one in the editing process, one in the writing process, one in the storyboarding and outlining process,and a few on the back burner).  As an independent author with a different main source of income, I am less concerned with whether my books sell well (though I would like them to) and more interested in writing something I enjoy and writing it to the best of my ability.  For the latter purpose, I have an army of beta-readers and know a very talented editor/author/cover-artist (you can check out her own books here).

I am looking forward to posting more here and announcing progress on my work as it happens!